Aulas de surfe exclusiva para as meninas…

Nesse ano durante o Quiksilver Surfestudantil a marca Roxy criou uma ação paralela que foi muito bem recebida pelo público. Comandado pelo professor Roger, a Roxy abriu inscrições durante o sábado para aulinhas de surfe exclusiva para as meninas que acompanhavam o evento. O retorno foi imediato. Muitas meninas fizeram inscrição e do total 16 foram selecionadas. A aulinha de surfe rolou no domingo, durou cerca de 2 horas e foi super descontraída. Além da diversão todas as meninas receberam brindes e kit’s da Roxy.

Aqui você confere os melhores momentos dessa ação bacana da Roxy.

Maya on The Road

Wave of the Future: Surfer Maya

Bobbing in the South Atlantic, her partner, Carlos Burle, 42, still half unconscious after losing a battle with one of the first waves of the day, Maya Gabeira considered turning back. From the seat of her Jet Ski, the 22-year-old Brazilian watched as South Africa’s Dungeons break swelled to 50 feet. Holding on behind her, Burle was badly shaken: “I almost died,” he said over and over.

Then the sun came out, and Gabeira spoke up: “Can you drive?”

Gabeira, the only sponsored female big-wave surfer in the world, began her career in earnest at the age of 17, when she left Brazil and set out alone for Hawaii. Read the story and watch the video >>

On the road

The Adventure Life with Steve Casimiro
Surf and Ye Shall Be Asked: The Curiously Interrogative World of Gabe Sullivan

Flipping through Surfer Magazine goes something like this: blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, shocking lime green, blue, blue, blue.

There in each issue, jumping out from Surfer’s sea of epic waves and countless board short ads, is a rusty but glowing, chartreuse 1972 VW camper van, the icon and motorized doppleganger of Curious Gabe, Gabe Sullivan, who, every month, poses to ten complete strangers the kind of existential questions you’d expect to be asked in the pages of The Atlantic Monthly or in a dorm room at 1 a.m. Questions like, Does surfing improve with age? Would you rather be an East- or West-Coast surfer? And, a real brain scrambler, What’s worse—being a hoser or a poser?

The queries are always filtered through the prism of the mother ocean, but Sullivan tackles more topical subjects, too. How green are you? What’s your take on sustainable surfboards? And which presidential candidate would you rather paddle out with? (Best answer: “Bush, so I could snake him.” Creepiest: “Hillary Clinton. She might look good in a bathing suit.”)

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